Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Cost Of Installed Solar Photovoltaic Systems Drops Significantly Over The Last Decade

Staff Writer Science Daily

A new study on the installed costs of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems in the U.S. shows that the average cost of these systems declined significantly from 1998 to 2007, but remained relatively flat during the last two years of this period. (more…)

Germany Solar Inverter Market to Grow at 6.5% CAGR by 2014

According to our latest research offering “German Photovoltaic Market Analysis”, Germany retained its top slot in the global PV industry in 2009 and registered record year on year installations growth. The government support along with commitments to lessen oil imports has driven PV market to expand exponentially. Especially, the solar inverter segment has orchestrated notable strives and was one of the key beneficiaries of the PV industry developments. The study revealed that in coming years also, solar inverters will continue to be in strong demand in both domestic and exports markets and the market will register 6.5% CAGR growth during 2009-2014. (more…)

Government Support to Drive Indian Solar Home Lighting Systems Market

Solar Home Lighting Systems can support small household loads and are promoted and prioritized through rural financial institutions. These systems are one way to provide electricity to non-electrified and under-electrified rural households. According to our research report “Indian Solar Energy Market Outlook 2012”, Solar Home Lightening Systems (SHLSs) will witness significant growth during 2010 – 2013 with compound annual growth of around 22% (more…)

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